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It’s easy to protect your home’s heating and air investment – and cost-effective too!

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24 Hour Prestige Service

You are guaranteed an appointment within 24 hours from the time you call.
(Does not cover out of warranty compressors or heat exchangers)

No Dispatch Fee

You never pay a dispatch fee any time you need us to come out for service!

30% Discount on Repairs

No matter what the repair is, big or small you always receive a 30% discount! As a bonus, you’ll receive instant savings on today’s repair as long as you remain a Club member for six months!

Front of the Line Priority Service

This is your “Fast Pass” to the front of the line! You will be placed in front of all other non-members in order to accommodate you in our schedule!

Up To 5% Discount on Replacement

You will receive a credit for 100% of your Club investment, up to a 5% discount on the total cost of replacement just for being a Club member!

Annual Maintenance and Safety Check

You will receive an annual maintenance on your home comfort system and a safety check with our infrared “Inspector” camera.

Lifetime Warranty on All Repairs

As long as your Club membership stays current all repairs up to a Level 5 will receive a lifetime warranty. If at any time you cancel your membership the warranty reverts back to a 365 day from installation warranty.

Fewer Repairs

Industry studies have shown that annual maintenance helps prevent 85% of all repairs.

Lower Utility Usage

A well maintained system uses less energy to operate, that means lower utility payments for you!

Better Comfort

A clean, well maintained system delivers more comfort by being a better operating system.

Champion Technicians

We have the best trained, drug free, background checked technicians in the industry!

Cleaner Air to Breathe

By cleaning the components inside the system there is less dirt in the air that you breathe, helping with allergies and asthma.

Improved Safety

Once a year you will receive an infrared camera inspection on your heating system to check for cracks in your heat exchanger that could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

One Day Replacement

If your system breaks down and you are in need of a new home comfort system we can replace it for you the very next day.

Worry Free Payment Plan w/ a Low Monthly Payment Financed for FREE

This is a convenient pay as you go program. The payments are processed on a monthly basis.

No Contract / No Risk

No fine print, no fuzzy math, no surprises! With no contract that means there is absolutely no risk! If at any time you want to cancel your agreement just give our office a call and we will take care of it for you.

Peace of Mind

You can relax knowing that you always have a reliable company to call on if you EVER have a service need. No frustrating, frantic searches in the dead of winter or blistering heat of summer.

Inflation Protection

Once you start your Club membership you are guaranteed that same monthly rate for life as long as you keep it active.

Extended Life of Your Equipment

Properly maintaining your system keeps it at its peak performance at all times. This helps the longevity of your system and keeps your warranty in place.

Transferable to a New Homeowner or Your New Home

If your new home is within our service area, we can transfer your Club membership. The family that buys your home has the option to continue the Club membership at the same monthly rate too.

Heating & Cooling System $16.95 Per month

Furnace Only System $ 11.95 PEr month

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